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Manchester, NH / The clouds are big here

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Manchester, NH /
Low flying planes

Manchester Exit

Any New Yorker will tell you, who stood in the street and witnessed the attacks on the World Trade Center that they will never look at a low flying plane the same way again. Manchester has a beautiful,clean,regional airport that people will drive down from Maine and up from Boston to use. But the planes fly in really low. So low that when I first arrived in town I stopped cold, walking several times in the street watching the daily Southwest and FedEx runs to see if the plane would flip upside down and crash.

There is a runway behind the long term parking Terminal E section where the flight is literally less than 500 feet off the ground. Coming in for it’s final approach it follows this perimeter road out by the Stony Bridge yogurt factory. They fly in so low that they seem seconds away from clipping the trees or taking out the telephone lines. I will stop, pull my car off the road. Watching, I get that same mad stab of adrenaline I did on that clear September day thinking ‘uh-oh’ as my heart turns over.

Waiting March 27, 2009

At the bottom of the escalator there stands a 12-16 foot moose. I wait watching the arrivals and departures board for the Southwest flight bringing my brother in from Philadelphia for my birthday. His Southwest flight is a connection from Tampa. There are four flights daily to Tampa, Florida from Manchester, New Hampshire. Actually I am sure there are more. People from his flight stream down the escalator; tan, tired and happy.

In the middle of this crowd at the bottom of the steps I see a couple embracing. They kiss hello.This is not just some friendly peck, a quick hug and hey let’s now stroll over to baggage. No this is a long, slow, cinematic kiss. She exhales and both ease into each other exhilarated and safe, finally together. The boyfriend is taller than the girl she stands on tiptoe to kiss him. 

I try and look away but can’t. They are oblivious to everyone else arriving around them. To them time has stopped.In Europe these warm, public displays of affection are commonplace. She mouths to him”I’m so happy you’re home.”

I am early and have time to think. In almost thirty years of arriving in airports, there has been maybe three times that a boyfriend, father, or friend someone has been waiting to greet me. And the greeting has never been like that.

The clouds are big here

I still stop and watch the planes that fly in to low. I probably always will. But that fear did not deter me from moving to Manchester.The clouds are big here. Monumental. The sky takes up 80% of the picture plane and the clouds are magnificent. Huge white cumulus or long string stratus teaming with light and sun. And even though it gets cold it is always sunny. It is a still, quiet place to pause after low flying planes violently deconstruct and rearrange everything you know to be good and true and right.

Manchester Believe in Something Better

Red Sox Nation

Everyone here, even though it is New Hampshire, roots for the Boston Red Sox. Roots for is probably too mild a statement. It’s more like complete fanaticism. They wear top to bottom silk Red Sox jackets, socks, have bumper stickers on their cars that say I Hate A Rod. I only have 2 words for these fans: Philadelphia Phillies.

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