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Crazy eyeglass Philly photo of me

I travel well.

There is something about the phrases, ‘gas up the car’,’ book the flight’,’ hail the taxi’, rent a car’, ‘hop a train’ that excites me and gets my blood going. I think it’s the anticipation. I am curious. What am I going to see just around this corner? What would happen if I turn left here and not right like I’ve done a million times before? How will I be changed by this experience?

Here in New England it has been a particularly cold winter. The country is reeling from blow after financial blow and spring this year has been very slow in coming. In the last 18 months I have weathered the four major losses that normally do any sane person in: death of a parent, personal illness, job ends, and steady boyfriend leaves for good. I have endured; coming out of the other side with my humor intact and I hope(?) becoming a wiser and better person.

Also during this period I have paid off every debt. The car? I own it. House in France? Paid. Student loans? No more. New York City business debt? Taken care of. Credit cards? Zero balance. If I owed you five bucks from 1990 you already have it. I have paused thoroughly cleaned house mentally, physically, and spiritually. I realize by taking this rest stop ‘off the interstate’ that I am now free to go. I have truly earned and been granted the gift of goodbye.

This blog ‘Life Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness’ is my search for joy in my daily life. The journey, not the destination will be the goal. ”We hold these truths to be self evident that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are…” what? They are our inalienable rights as Americans. Joy is theme here. A vision quest for happiness. Finding true north.

There will be questions, detours, u-turns and shortcuts as I try to navigate the various twists and turns of this trip and the next part of my life as a visual journalist and American woman. It’s a dangerous thing, a woman alone with unlimited free time and her own money. A whole lot of trouble can be made, found and gotten into. I can’t wait. I am eager to get back out there; on the road to see what is happening in the country, check it’s pulse and start talking to people and making pictures.

Come along for the ride. Every week I will post my findings, words and pictures. Comments are welcome. So come on, come one. “Yes, Yes, Yes.” Be my wing man, copilot. Unfold the road map, pack some sandwiches. Let’s roll down the windows and sing along to the radio.

Being lost sometimes means being found.


Lynn Pauley
March 22, 2009
Manchester, N.H.

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